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Usually the largest single expense is housing costs which take the form of either or, when buying your home, a . Not paying your rent can result in your landlord you from the property.

A mortgage is a loan taken out to a home. If you fail to keep up your mortgage repayments the lender can your home, leaving you without somewhere to live.

Most homes have an electricity, gas, telephone and water supply. These are known as .

Most homes have a which records the amounts used and a is sent to the customer on a quarterly basis i.e. Once every 3 months.
Sometimes companies the amount of gas or electricity used based on what you normally use.
Non-payment of Electricity and Gas bills can lead to the supply being .

There are a number of telephone companies which offer landline services in the home.
You can ask for an list of all the calls made and how much each call costs.

Most homes have two bills – one for water and the other for water.
For some, the bill is a set amount per year. Other homes have a water which measures the amount of water coming in.
You can be taken to if you do not keep up with water charges.

Council Tax is a system of local taxation collected by local .
Council Tax arrears can result in court action leading to being instructed to seize which are then sold to recover the amount owed. A from wages or benefits can be imposed or if these fail, you can be sent to for non-payment of Council Tax.

Everyone who uses a set, recorder or , which is capable of receiving broadcast programmes needs a television licence.
If you don’t have a TV License you can be and fined up to .