Quick Quiz

For a bit of fun, answer a series of questions to find your money personality type. It's not very scientific but it should give you an insight into how you feel about money.

1 When friends are coming round to dinner do you:

A Order a takeaway

B Buy some ready meals from the supermarket

C See what you've got in the fridge

D Get out your recipe books

E Ask your friends to bring something with them


2 How do you feel about money:

A I don't think about it

B I manage to get by somehow

C I think I should think about it more

D I keep pretty good control

E I always end up with more than I started with!


3 Saving money is:

A Not something I'm interested in

B Really hard to do

C Something I aim for

D Something everyone should do

E The most important thing about money


4 What are you doing to save for the future:

A I'm too young to think about that

B I will get round to it one day

C I try and save a little every month

D I have a plan and I'm sticking to it

E I save as much as I can for the future


5 How often do you borrow money:

A Always

B Sometimes

C Not often

D Never

E People borrow from ME


6 When you go to the shops:

A I buy whatever I want to

B I get distracted by so many things to buy

C I make a list but don't always stick to it

D I stick to my list

E I buy what is cheapest


7 When planning a holiday do I:

A Book the best holiday I can

B Make a choice at the last minute

C Shop around for a bargain

D Use the internet and adverts to find the best deal

E Stay at home and save the cash


8 When you feel a bit down going shopping makes you feel:

A Happier

B It takes my mind off things for a bit

C It doesn't make any difference

D I wouldn't go shopping if I was upset

E Spending money makes me feel worse


9 What is your financial goal:

A I don't really have one

B To be able to afford whatever I want

C To have enough to enjoy myself

D To always know how much I have

E To save as much as possible


10 At the end of each month I have:

A No idea what I spent

B Got further in debt

C Just about got by

D Planned next months spending

E Saved a fair bit


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